Abdominoplasty is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures that people ask for. The procedure involves the removal of excess abdominal skin and fat, as well as the tightening of the muscles. The aim is to create a flat and toned stomach area. Mr Irfan Khan offers abdominoplasty in Liverpool and other areas of the North West, ensuring patients have a reliable and experienced surgeon who is easily accessible and conveniently located.

Many patients are not sure exactly which surgery or procedure they require when attending their first consultation. They may be considering liposuction, tummy tuck or other surgeries. A professional and experienced plastic surgeon can talk through your options and help you to make the best choice for your circumstances. Often patients have abdominoplasty and liposuction together but it depends on the individual and their requirements and expectations.

Who is suitable for Abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty is most commonly carried out in female patients. They tend to have excess skin and stretch marks which does not retract after giving birth. Abdominoplasty is only recommended once you have finished having children. However, there are also alternative procedures such as mini abdominoplasties and some liposuction surgery which are suitable for women still hoping to have children. While it is still less common, more men are booking abdominoplasties too.

How is Abdominoplasty Done?

Abdominoplasty at Mr Khan’s surgeries involves a process called High Lateral Tension technique. This involves the excess skin on the lateral side of the trunk being pulled and brought to the midline of the body. This results in a contoured and nicely shaped waist and a flat appearance from the front. It involves an incision from one hip to the other and the whole abdominal skin is lifted so the muscles can be tightened.

Abdominoplasty Recovery and Aftercare

An abdominoplasty procedure is a major operation and has significant recovery time. It can take up to four weeks dependent on the health of the patient. Muscle tightening can be very painful, so pain medication is provided by your care team. Rest time is essential before returning to work and to allow the body to heal.

Appointments for Abdominoplasty in Liverpool

Mr Khan runs regular clinics at multiple locations in the North West. Patients wishing to discuss abdominoplasty in Liverpool can attend clinics at the Spire Hospital. You can make an appointment with Mr Khan by contacting the clinics directly on 08444 990 617 (Spire Liverpool Hospital).