Abdominoplasty in Liverpool. Weight loss can be a challenging ordeal for anyone to try and overcome, so well done! Its never easy to try and shed those excess pounds, and many people struggle. However, even when youve worked hard to make sure that you have lost weight, the body does not always adapt to the change well. Loose skin is commonplace and can be a real pain to deal with.

Mr Irfan Khan has a lot of experience in working with this particular issue and has successfully helped a wide selection of patients. He understands that loose skin can be a real issue to try and deal with every day, and strives to improve as much as possible.

What Actually Is Abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty is a medical term, which refers to a tummy tuck among other things. Its the surgery which is used after weight loss to get rid of that loose skin youre not a fan of. If youre looking for a professional and experienced plastic surgeon for Abdominoplasty in Liverpool, Mr Khan would be more than happy to speak with you in a consultation.

For a lot of people, loose skin is difficult to deal with on a day to day basis. It doesnt take much to imagine that people can be incredibly aware of their loose skin and feel afraid to go out and do anything. Imagine how difficult it must be for someone to wear clothing which doesnt cover their whole body, or go to the beach when loose skin is such an issue. Naturally, it can be challenging to try and cope with and has even sent some people into a depression.

As the issue can occur when youre just finishing losing weight, it is hard to try and rectify immediately. Many people see it as a horribly unfair consequence of trying to just get on with their lives and attempting to feel comfortable in their own body.

How Would Abdominoplasty Work?

When a person attends one of our clinics in Liverpool, the process will involve surgery to remove the loose skin from your body entirely. Once youre under general anaesthetic Mr Khan will be able to remove the offending skin and then make sure that the areas where the skin has been removed is tidied up and securely stitched.

The experience is different for every person and will vary according to your needs. The overall aim will always be to remove the loose skin from your body and leave you happy with how you look. The aftercare for your surgery will vary significantly from one place to the next. Mr Khan will inform you of how best to proceed when it comes to you and your care and will guide you on what you should avoid doing when it comes to day to day activities.

Are You Looking For Abdominoplasty?

If youre looking for abdominoplasty in Liverpool, and would like to arrange to have a consultation with Mr Khan, then please contact us by going to our contact page.