Arm lift surgery is medically known as brachioplasty. The arm lift surgery Liverpool residents can consider includes procedures carried out by Mr Irfan Khan. Arm lift surgery is a common cosmetic procedure with the aim of improving the appearance and contouring of the upper arm.

There are many reasons arm lift surgery may be something you’re considering. Commonly known as “bingo wings” in the UK, extra flesh and fat in this area can be particularly stubborn. Therefore, it is understandable that this surgery is one of the most common and most sought after. Fat can be really hard to remove in this area, even with regular exercise and a good diet.

Why patients choose Arm Lift Surgery

Arm lifts are common for both male and female patients. Every patient has their individual reasons for seeking this type of procedure. However, the overarching theme is a dissatisfaction with the appearance of their upper arms.

Some people have had a problem with their upper arms for many years, while others may have only recently become self-conscious about this area. People who lose a lot of weight can find this area difficult.

The main aim of arm lift surgery is to remove any excess fatty deposits and sagging skin. It should improve the contour of the arm and in turn, help boost your self-confidence. Arm lift surgery can reverse the excess skin caused by ageing or simple genetics and it can remove any associated cellulite.

Arm Lift Surgery Procedure

Brachioplasty surgery should be carried out by an experienced plastic surgeon like Mr Khan. Your surgeon will perform the procedure under general anaesthetic, and it should take 1.5-2 hours. The surgery can include a number of different types of procedure from liposuction to remove the fat to non-excision procedures. In all instances, your surgeon will work to ensure minimal and discreet scarring.

Arm Lift Aftercare

Once the arm lift procedure is complete, patients need to be careful and follow their healthcare team’s directions closely. The aftercare process will differ from patient to patient and will be dependent on the extent of the procedure.

Your aftercare plan may include wearing compression garments and applying clinical creams, if provided. It will also be important to keep your arm away from direct sunlight and get a good amount of rest. You may need to take some time off work dependent on the type of work you do, and you should arrange transport to and from the hospital so you can safely get there and back.

The results from arm lift surgery can be felt and are visible immediately. However, the surgery site should be kept under tight bandages as per your care plan. You may continue to see improvements in your results for up to nine months and your arms will settle into their new contour.

Booking Arm Lift Surgery Liverpool

Mr Irfan Khan runs regular clinics at hospitals across Liverpool and the North West. To make an appointment and book arm lift surgery Liverpool, you can contact the teams at the hospitals he works at via the details provided here 

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