Imperfections or changes to your skin should always be checked out by a professional. If you have changes to moles or lesions on your body the booking a skin cancer check can give you peace of mind. The skin cancer check Liverpool patients consider can include attending one of Mr Irfan Khan’s clinics. Mr Khan runs regular clinics in Liverpool and the North West of England and helps many patients with changes to their skin.

Moles are usually harmless and just a form of skin growth. They come in a range of colours and sizes and you may want them removed for aesthetic reasons. However, they also need checking regularly to ensure there are no changes.

Skin Cancer Check Liverpool

At a consultation with Mr Khan, you can have any unusual skin changes and lesions checked. Mr Khan and his experienced team regularly carry out skin care and mole removal procedures with ease, helping to ensure you have minimal scarring. Every skin lesion is unique and so each consultation will be a chance to discuss your individual needs and find the right treatment. Surgery for removing a mole or skin cancer lesion is a quick and straightforward procedure. It usually takes place using local anaesthetic and Mr Khan’s experience ensures minimal scarring. A suspicious mole may be analysed in a lab to see if any further treatment is necessary. You may need to discuss treatment options with an oncologist dependent on the findings of any biopsy analysis.

Aftercare after Skin Cancer Removal

Skin cancer check and removal procedures are quick and usually mean patients can go home the same day and get back to normal life. There may be some soreness and you will need to keep the affected areas covered and sterile while it heals. Patients should also avoid submerging the affected area in water or showering until it has begun to heal.

Appointments with Mr Irfan Khan

Mr Khan is a highly experienced consultant plastic surgeon working in Liverpool. He offers a wide range of procedures including skin cancer checks to provide patients with peace of mind. If you have concerns about changes to your skin, lesions or moles, book a consultation today. Mr Khan can talk through your options and help you make the right choice for your needs. You can reach Mr Khan’s team via the contact page and someone will respond as soon as possible.

Image source: Unsplash