Are you looking to enhance your appearance? Botox and fillers may be the solution for you. Smaller non-surgical and minor surgical cosmetic procedures have massively grown in popularity. Botox and fillers allow you to enhance your appearance without significant surgery.

Dr Irfan Khan is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon and provides a full consultation for all patients. This is to discuss their expectations and hopes from their choice of procedures and so Mr Khan understands you aims. So, what are the options?

What are Botox and Fillers?


Botox (botulinum toxin) is a naturally occurring protein which is used to treat wrinkles and lines on the skin. It is injected directly into specific muscles in the face and this blocks signals between the nerve and the muscle. This minimises the wrinkling of the skin as the face moves naturally.

Botox is commonly used in the upper third of the face to help remove wrinkles around the eyes, between the brows and on the forehead. It lasts around 3-4 months so is a procedure most people have regularly.

There are certain situations when you cannot have Botox such as illness, skin infections, breastfeeding or on certain medications. You should make your surgeon aware if any of these apply before undertaking any procedures.


Dermal or wrinkle fillers do exactly what their name suggests. They are injected just under the skin to help remove and smooth out any lines or wrinkles. Fillers can also restore lost volume in the skin and face so help to rejuvenate your whole appearance.

Fillers help to restore a more youthful connection. They can be used to enhance the lips, shape and add volume to the cheek and fill out lines and wrinkles all over the face.

As they are eventually absorbed into the body, they are again, temporary, so further appointments will be required.

Booking an Appointment with Mr Khan

With any kind of surgical treatment, you should only approach a highly trained and qualified professional. All professionals must be registered to practice, use licensed products and be insured. Mr Khan is highly regarded within the industry and meets all of these criteria.

He is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon based in the North West of England with vast NHS and private experience. You can find out more about this experience and his qualifications here.

Book an appointment with Mr Khan at one of his clinics to discuss your personal needs. Discussing your aims from having Botox and fillers is important so he can help you make the right choice for your needs. You can reach Mr Khan’s team via the contact page where you can highlight the procedures you are most interested in.