Breast augmentation, a sought-after procedure among women, involves the manipulation and alteration of breast shape, typically using silicone implants or similar techniques. Mr. Irfan Khan, a highly experienced plastic surgeon, offers the breast augmentation Bolton patients can opt for as well as providing similar services in the surrounding area.

Reasons for Breast Augmentation

The motivation behind breast augmentation varies from patient to patient. Some common reasons include:

  1. Post-pregnancy or weight loss: Breast tissue can lose volume due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, or significant weight loss, leading to a desire for restoration of size and fullness.
  2. Personal preference: Some women opt for breast augmentation to enhance their natural breast size and achieve a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing figure.

What to Expect from Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Increased fullness and projection: The procedure effectively enhances breast size and creates a more rounded, fuller appearance.
  • Enhanced self-image and self-confidence: Many patients experience a significant boost in self-esteem and confidence following breast augmentation.
  • Improved body balance: Breast augmentation can restore balance to the overall figure, creating a more proportional silhouette.
  • Greater comfort and contentment: The procedure can alleviate dissatisfaction with breast appearance and promote a sense of comfort and self-acceptance.

Suitable Candidates for Breast Augmentation

Mr Irfan Khan assess all patients individual to see if they are suitable for any plastic surgery, including breast augmentation. Generally, suitable candidates for this procedure will be:

  • In good overall health: Good physical health is essential for undergoing any surgical procedure.
  • Have a good understanding and realistic expectations: Patients should have a clear understanding of the outcomes and potential limitations of the procedure.
  • Have fully developed breasts: Breast augmentation is typically performed on women whose breasts have reached their full natural development.
  • Feel some dissatisfaction or discomfort with their breast appearance: Patients will usually feel self-conscious or unhappy with the appearance or feel of their breasts.

Your Initial Consultation

A thorough consultation with Mr. Khan is crucial to determine suitability for breast augmentation and discuss the best course of action. During the consultation, patients will have the opportunity to fully discuss their hopes and expectations and also understand the procedure fully. You will also have the opportunity to discuss the implants available and address any concerns you may have before booking the procedure.

Breast Augmentation and Implants

Breast implants come in various shapes and sizes, usually in round or teardrop shapes. The choice of implant depends on individual preferences and anatomical considerations. Your surgeon will help you select the most suitable implant type and size for your desired outcome.

Booking Breast Augmentation Bolton

Anybody who is interested in breast augmentation and seriously considering the procedure can book an initial consultation with Mr Khan. He runs clinics from The Beaumont Hospital as well as other locations in the North West. You can book an initial consultation today to discuss your hopes for surgery.