It is increasingly common for women to want to change the size or shape of their breasts. Breast augmentation involves manipulating and changing the shape of the breast, usually using silicone implants or similar. The breast augmentation Liverpool patients opt for could include the services of Mr Irfan Khan, a highly experienced plastic surgeon working in the city and surrounding area.

Breast implants are a common feature of breast augmentation and patients may want this surgery for several reasons. It is quite common after weight loss, pregnancy, or breastfeeding. Alternatively, some patients look to increase their natural breast size due to personal preference.

What can Breast Augmentation Do?

Breast augmentation is unique to the individual patient but usually you will experience:

  • Increased fullness and projection of the breasts
  • Enhanced self-image and self-confidence
  • Improved balance of the figure
  • More comfort and contentment

Breast augmentation is not a procedure designed to fix significant droops or breasts that have lost significant volume. Instead, patients may need to consider uplift surgery or reduction, or a combination of both. Visiting Mr Khan’s clinic is an opportunity for him to examine the breasts and discuss the best options for your circumstances.

Am I a Suitable Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

It is not possible to answer this question without a personal consultation, but you may be a suitable candidate if:

  1. You are in good health
  2. You have realistic expectations for the results
  3. Your breasts are fully developed
  4. You struggle with the look and feel of your breasts at present
  5. Your breasts feel empty or out of proportion to the rest of your body
  6. Your breasts are asymmetrical
  7. You have tubular breast

These are just some examples that may make a person a suitable candidate. It is essential you attend a consultation with your chosen care team and surgeon, so the right decision is possible. Even though breast augmentation has become more common, this does not mean it is without risks. Therefore, it is important to discuss your options, feelings and expectations thoroughly at your consultation.

Breast Augmentation and Implants

There are different types of breast implant, in a range of different sizes and shapes. They usually fall into the round or teardrop category, and you may have a preference. However, if you do not know or are not sure, this is another point to discuss with your surgeon.

Booking Breast Augmentation Liverpool

Mr Irfan Khan is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon based in the North West of England. He offers several clinics in the Liverpool area and around the North West. Contact his team today to book a consultation to discuss breast augmentation.