Breast reduction can be a life changing experience for many women, and a procedure that is considered in depth before deciding. Opting for breast reduction in Manchester is convenient and straightforward for local women looking to have this surgery and quickly get back to day to day life. Breast reduction surgery offers women the opportunity to change the shape, weight, or hang or position of their breasts. Reduction surgery is the chance to reduce the size of the breasts as well as lift them at the same time. It is a popular choice after weight loss or once a woman has finished having children and breastfeeding.

Benefits of Breast Reduction in Manchester

There are many reasons a woman may be considering breast reduction in Manchester. Once the procedure is complete there are many benefits including:

  • Reduction in back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Improved posture
  • Less rashes and irritation beneath the breasts
  • Activity becomes easier.

How Breast Reduction Works

Breast reduction surgery takes place under general anaesthetic and fully unconscious. The surgeon is then able to carry out the procedure safely. It involves moving the nipple, remove excess fat, tissue and skin and reshaping the remaining breast tissue to create a natural shape. Experienced surgeons like Mr Irfan Khan also specialise in minimising scarring and ensuring the scar positions are as hidden as possible.

The operation for breast reduction usually takes between 2 and 3 hours. Patients usually need to stay in hospital for at least one night for monitoring. However, you should be ready for a recovery period of up to six weeks. The first few weeks after surgery it is important to rest as much as possible and patients usually need time off work. Reducing movements to promote healing helps the breasts recover as quickly as possible. However, it can take up to 6 months for them to reach their new normal size.

Mr Irfhan Khan for Breast Reduction in Manchester

Mr Irfan Khan is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon based in the North West of England. He works across many different procedures in plastics. This also includes many breast reduction and augmentation surgeries. During his training Mr Khan has completed fellowships in aesthetic, microsurgery and hand surgery. He has a busy private practice in the North West with private clinics being located in Bolton, Liverpool and Ormskirk.

Patients looking for breast reduction in Manchester can book a consultation at Mr Khan’s Bolton clinic. These clinics run on Thursday evenings at the BMI Beaumont Hospital in Bolton. The consultation is to discuss your hopes and expectations from surgery and to determine if you are a suitable candidate. Mr Khan can also discuss other possible procedures with you too.

Get in touch today to discuss your requirements and arrange a consultation.