Breast augmentation is a common cosmetic procedure patients choose to improve and enhance their breasts. The breast uplift Liverpool patients consider will require an experienced surgeon, willing to listen and understand why the procedure is your best choice. If you have made the decision to have a breast uplift procedure, you need to be sure you have chosen the right surgeon. Mr Irfan Khan is an experienced consultant plastic surgeon providing breast uplift procedures to patients across Liverpool and North West England

Breast Uplift Procedures

Breast uplift procedures should help reposition the breasts as the patient wants. There are a range of different uplift procedures Mr Khan can offer.

Auto-augmentation is a popular choice for patients who have had their breast implants removed and want an uplift. The breast uplift or Mastopexy. Mr Khan will discuss the different techniques available, and which may be most suited to an individual’s circumstances. Breasts come in all shapes and sizes so the right techniques are vital for delivering the results a patient desires.

Understanding Scarring

Different breast uplift procedures leave different types of scarring. The scars could be around the areola only, utilising Benelli’s Breast uplift technique. Alternatively, surgery could be carried out using the Single Vertical Scar technique, resulting in an anchor-shaped scar. The different options and potential scar positioning is something Mr Khan discusses in depth with his patients. The aim is always to keep scarring as minimal as possible.

Mr Irfan Khan for Breast Uplift Liverpool

Mr Khan is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon based in the North West of England. He is also an NHS consultant in Hand and Plastic Surgery working at Whiston Teaching hospital in Liverpool, UK. He runs other clinics across the North West of England and regularly discusses breast augmentation and uplift procedures with patients from many backgrounds looking for varying results.

Mr Khan has a proven track record as an experienced plastic surgeon. He has a 100% patient-centred approach and looks to deliver surgical results both he and his patients are more than happy with. Undergoing cosmetic surgery of any kind is a personal choice but can be a daunting experience. Mr Khan and his team work tirelessly to give patients all the information they need to help them feel comfortable and confident before their procedure.

To make an appointment with Mr Khan to discuss a breast uplift procedure please get in touch.