There are many individual and personal reasons someone may wish to have breast reduction surgery. The breast reduction Liverpool patients consider will be due to many individual circumstances and this is something to discuss with your plastic surgeon and their team. Breast reduction surgery offers women the opportunity to change the shape, the weight or the droop of their breasts. Reduction surgery reduces the size of the breasts but can also lift them or be incorporated with a breast uplift surgery. Breast reduction is common in patients who have lost significant amounts of weight, have finished having children or want to minimise pains they experience due to the size and weight of their breasts. Mr Irfan Khan is an experienced plastic surgeon in Liverpool. He regularly carries out breast reduction for Liverpool and North West based patients.

Breast Reduction Liverpool – Why?

People may have many personal reasons for choosing breast reduction surgery. In addition to those mentioned above, other reasons may include:

  • To minimise the pain and irritation that comes from sweat and other rashes beneath larger breasts
  • For improved activity abilities
  • To minimise the chronic pain that many people with larger breasts experience in their shoulders, neck and back

How does Breast Reduction Surgery Work?

Patients opting for breast reduction will have a consultation to discuss their hopes for the surgery. This will also be a chance for the healthcare team to assess whether you are a suitable candidate.

Breast reduction surgery takes place under general anaesthetic. under anaesthetic, the surgeon will:

  • move the nipple
  • remove unwanted fat, tissue and skin
  • augment and reshape the remaining breast tissue

Generally, operations take between two and three hours.  After the operation, patients usually remain in hospital for one or two nights. However, it takes up to six weeks to recover fully from surgery. Breasts may not return to their new normal size for up to three months. For the first few weeks, patients will need to take time off work. Keeping movement to a minimum is recommended and if possible, patients should get help at home, with childcare and any tasks that involve too much strenuous activity.

Dr Irfan Khan for Breast Reduction Liverpool

Mr Irfan Khan is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon based in the North West of England. He is an NHS consultant in Hand and Plastic Surgery working in the Regional Burns and Plastic Surgery unit at Whiston Teaching hospital in Liverpool, UK. Mr Khan completed plastic surgery training in the UK obtaining Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) and is listed on the specialist register of the General Medical Council. He also holds the specialist FRCS (plastic surgery) qualification. He regularly carries out breast surgeries including many breast reduction surgeries for patients across Liverpool.

Mr Khan offers procedures at Spire Liverpool Hospital and also at other local sites in Ormskirk at Renacres and Prescot at Aset Hospital. To find out more, contact him today on 01204 404 404.