Also known as otoplasty, ear correction surgery is most common amongst children, usually starting at age and running through their late teens. However, the latest British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) also show it is also popular with adults, falling just within the top ten most requested procedures. If you are considering ear correction surgery Liverpool, here’s what you need to know.

Why Have Ear Correction Surgery?

There are any number of reasons to have otoplasty. It can, for example, repair a birth defect or the results of an accident. It corrects ‘lop ear’ or split ears, the result of damage from piercings.  However, the most common reason is how the ears look. This is why it is so common in children with protruding ears.  It can help prevent bullying and teasing as well as build self-esteem and self-confidence.

What Does Ear Correction Surgery Liverpool Involve?

Ear lobe surgery takes place under general anaesthetic, with the surgeon repairing a hole or tear with a suture. When reducing the size of the lobe, they will remove a small piece before closing up the gap.

For protruding ears, surgery may be described as ‘pinning back’. The surgeon removes a small amount of skin from behind the ear and breaks the cartilage, so it bends backwards. They then suture it in place. Afterwards, a bandage is worn for up to seven days. There is very little recovery time with this surgery, because it’s a closed procedure. A closed procedure also means there are more consistent results and less risk than other surgeries.

Where To Go For Ear Correction Surgery Liverpool

Finding the right surgeon to carry out your ear correction surgery is important. You need a surgeon such as Mr Ifran Khan. He has the skills and experience as well as proven results in Ear Correction Surgery. Contact him today on 0151 7337 123 to arrange a consultation.