Facelift Bolton: Getting older can be an issue. There’s no mistaking the age of our elderly population – nature has left its marks and a reminder of mortality. However, this is an extreme example of the physical effects of ageing.

A more common issue is when the skin becomes loose and baggy. Mr Ifran Khan has a wealth of experience in working with skin which has become this way, and a masterful command of the latest surgical procedures to help you.

What Is A Facelift Bolton?

A facelift is a surgical procedure where the skin on the face is pulled back and altered to counter the effects of ageing. The skin becomes tight, smooth and much more youthful in appearance. Mr Khan is a very experienced cosmetic surgeon and can perform the procedure for you with a deft hand and a calm manner. If you’re searching for a facelift in the Bolton area, then he would be more than happy to have a consultation with you.

It is easy to understand and imagine how loose and baggy skin can be a challenge to deal with on an everyday basis. Whether it is ageing which has caused the problems or an accident that requires a facelift, there’s no doubt that it can be a sense of relief to have the problem areas corrected. Mr Khan can walk you through a variety of different procedures and help you to understand what each one will entail, as well as how to look after yourself once the process has been completed.

Being a byproduct of ageing, it is natural that people can become very discouraged and depressed when it comes to dealing with the adverse effects. Naturally, it’s not your fault, and you don’t want to be made to feel like it is.

What Would A Facelift Bolton Involve?

To try and make sure that you understand what a facelift would entail, we’re going to describe it a bit here. When you come to the clinic in Bolton, you’ll meet with Mr Khan, who will explain what’s going to happen before putting you under a general or local anaesthetic. From there, the process of removing excess skin and baggy areas can begin. Mr Khan will remove the skin, and make sure that what is left is neat and arranged in such a way that it heals nicely.

Understandably, each person will have a different experience when it comes to their facelift. Therefore, Mr Khan will be able to explain to you as a specific person what will happen during the procedure and then events afterwards. In all cases, this will involve a discussion for how your aftercare should go, what you can and can not do, and what to do if there are any unexpected side effects. With warmth and experience, there’s no one better to explain the process to you.

Looking For A Facelift Bolton?  

If you are someone who is searching for a facelift in the Bolton area, Mr Khan would be more than happy to speak with you, so please go to the contact us page for more information.