Everyone wants to feel good about how they look, whatever their gender. Unfortunately, sometimes no amount of exercise and healthy eating can help change our bodies, no matter how hard we try. For men with gynaecomastia, for example, only medication or surgery are likely to solve the problem. As more men choose the latter option, we look at what’s involved for those looking for Gynaecomastia Surgery Liverpool.

What is Gynaecomastia?

Gynaecomastia is the swelling of the breasts in men and boys. A hormonal imbalance causes the condition, which is most common in younger boys and older men as well as those who are overweight. The condition itself is generally harmless, though it can cause pain and discomfort as the breasts swell. When it does, a doctor will prescribe medicine. Surgery may also be an option. People can also choose elective surgery to remove gynaecomastia, which can have a negative effect on mental health and wellbeing.

Gynaecomastia Surgery: The Procedure

Also known as breast reduction surgery, the procedure is generally done under general anaesthetic and takes at least 1.5 hours. The surgeon makes an incision and removes fatty tissue using liposuction. Afterwards, patients can take several weeks to recover and will need to wear a compression garment. It can take six months to see the full effects of surgery. As well as gynaecomastia, this procedure can help those who have lost a lot of weight and have sagging skin. It won’t be effective for those who are still significantly overweight.

Gynaecomastia Surgery Liverpool

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