Deciding that you want to undergo breast augmentation surgery Bolton is the first of many decisions in this process. Your next decision, and often most important, is choosing a consultant to do the surgery. It is vital that you choose someone you can trust because the results of your surgery will be life-changing. Knowing how to decide on a plastic surgeon and what to look out for is often confusing. Here are our top questions to ask before choosing a plastic surgeon for breast augmentation;

What Credentials Does The Surgeon Have?

One of the first things you should check is a surgeon’s education and credentials. This is so you know they are fully qualified and training to perform breast augmentation surgeries. Look for plastic surgeons who are on the specialist register of the General Medical Council. The specialist FRCS (plastic surgery) qualification is also a key sign that they are properly trained. Any plastic surgeon who is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeon (ASPS) will uphold their core values.

What Experience Does The Surgeon Have?

Credentials and education are great, but they cannot replace real-life experience. A good plastic surgeon will be able to demonstrate a large background of experience in the field. It is normal to ask to see pictures and examples of their previous surgeries so that you can see their work.

How Do The Staff Treat You?

It might not seem too relevant to the surgeon’s skills, but how their team treats you is a tell-tale sign of their priorities. A good plastic surgeon will pride themselves on patient satisfaction, safety and experience.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Bolton: Mr Irfan Khan

Mr Irfan Khan has over 24 years’ experience in plastic surgery, and so is a popular choice for breast augmentation surgery Bolton. He prides himself on delivering the highest level of practice for every patient. For more information and to book an initial consultation, get in touch with Irfan Plastic Surgery today.