Regular exercise and strict dieting sometimes aren’t enough to completely get rid of excess fat. When you have stubborn fat and skin that you can’t seem to shift no matter how hard you try, it can be hugely demotivating and have a significant impact on your self-confidence. Luckily liposuction treatment in Bolton can help.

The abdominal area is particularly tricky for battling stubborn fat. As a result, many people turn to surgical options to help with this. Liposuction treatment in Bolton or abdominoplasty (a tummy tuck) are popular procedures. These can help patients to achieve the look they desire.

What is liposuction treatment in Bolton?

Liposuction is the process of removing stubborn and excess fat from various areas of the body. This type of fat is often very difficult for most people to get rid of in any other way. These fatty deposits are most likely to occur around the abdomen, buttocks, hips, chin and thighs.

During liposuction treatment in Bolton, the surgeon will insert a thin metal tube into the desired area of the body and attach it to a vacuum pump. This vacuum quickly and effectively removes the fat from the area. The procedure is usually completed under a general anaesthetic, and in some cases an injection of fluid mixture is used to help reduce the effects of swelling, bleeding and bruising.

Why choose liposuction treatment in Bolton?

Having stubborn fat can have a serious impact on your overall happiness and self-confidence. If dieting and exercise do not seem to be working for you, then liposuction might be a sensible idea to achieve the body you desire. Mr Irfan Khan is a knowledgeable Plastic Surgeon who is experienced in liposuction treatment in Bolton. When you book an initial consultation with Mr Khan, you will have the opportunity to discuss the procedure in detail. Furthermore, you have chance to ask any questions you may have.

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