Mammoplasty surgery is the medical term for a breast reduction. The mammoplasty surgery Liverpool patients consider may include the services of Mr Irfan Khan. He regularly runs clinics in Liverpool and across North West England and can help you decide if mammoplasty is the right option for you.

Is mammoplasty surgery my best option?

Anyone who has large breasts causing uncomfortable symptoms may be suitable for this operation. Patients have usually tried other measures like professionally fitted bras and these have not worked to minimise pain or similar symptoms.

The ideal patient will have a BMI of 35 or lower and in good health. Smoking increases complications therefore must be stopped at least four weeks before and after the operation. Patients may consider uplift surgery too or instead of this procedure.

How is the surgery performed?

There are many techniques used to perform breast reductions. A good plastic surgeon should be experienced in the different methods so they can provide the right treatment for each individual. A one-fit method is not suitable for all patients.

Breast reduction may leave a scar around the areola only, a single vertical scar, a free nipple graft or a standard t-shaped scar dependent on the best surgical approach. Your surgeon will be able to assess the best approach dependent on your breast size and shape.

Mr Khan carries out breast reductions using a supero-medial pedicle. This allows him to remove large amount of breast tissue while preserving a nice full shape. This is using a procedure known as a glanduloplasty manoeuvre. You can discuss your individual needs with Mr Khan and his team before the procedure.

Risks and complications

All surgery comes with risk. You will have the chance to discuss any worries and the main risks before you agree to go ahead. . Risks and complications that can come with any operation are also relevant for mammoplasty surgery. These could be from the operation or from the general anaesthetic, or both. Whilst complications can occur, Mr Khan is highly experienced and works to minimise any risks. You will have the chance to talk everything through before agreeing to the procedure.

Booking mammoplasty surgery Liverpool

Mr Khan runs regular clinics across North West England, including at Liverpool Spire Hospital. You can book an appointment easily by following the guidance on our contact page.