Finding the right surgeon for your cosmetic or enhancement surgery is a personal choice that should take time. The breast uplift or mastoplexy surgery Liverpool patients seek may lead them to Mr Irfan Khan’s private practice.

He carries out mastopexy surgery for patients in Liverpool using different techniques. The chosen techniques will depend on the patient’s hopes for the surgery and possibilities based on their anatomy.

The techniques chosen will leave different types of scars. The scars may be around the areola only when the surgeon uses Benelli’s Mastopexy technique. The surgery can also be carried out using the single vertical scar technique, which results in an anchor-shaped scar.

Mr Khan can also use a procedure called auto-augmentation. This procedure is suitable for patients who already have breast implants, want them removed and then want the uplift procedure. When you attend your first clinic appointment with Mr Khan, you will have the chance to talk through your options and consider the different techniques.

Mastopexy Surgery in Liverpool

Undergoing major cosmetic surgery is a personal choice. However, it can be a daunting experience and something you need to take your time considering.

Mr Khan and his team are highly experienced and can confidently discuss your surgical options. The expertise in his team ensures you can discuss all aspects of the procedure and feel confident in your decision.

You will have the chance to discuss the process. Furthermore, the team will also answer any questions you may have during the consultation.  It is important to ask questions and discuss your personal needs. This will help to ensure the team can achieve the desired results.

About Mr Irfan Khan

Mr Irfan Khan is a highly experienced consultant plastic surgeon. He practices in the North West of England and works in the NHS and private practice. He holds the specialist FRCS qualification for plastic surgery and has undertaken specialist plastic surgery training in the UK. His busy private practice ensures patients can access a wide range of plastic surgeries and he runs clinics in Liverpool, but also in Bolton and Ormskirk.

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Get in touch to make an appointment with Mr Khan to discuss mastopexy surgery in Liverpool. We can arrange an appointment time to suit your schedule, and once you’ve had your consultation, you can book a date for surgery.