Cosmetic and plastic surgery is chosen by thousands of people every day. It can help to improve self esteem and self-worth, as well as deal with physical issues which may cause discomfort or pain. Both surgical and non-surgical plastic surgery has become more popular as the surgeons are able to carry out more procedures in a less invasive way. Mr Irfan Khan provides plastic surgery in Liverpool and other North West locations.

Is Plastic Surgery an Option for you?

People of all ages and from all backgrounds consider plastic surgery every day. Cosmetic procedures can help people feel more comfortable in their own skin. They can also help to make it easier for them to live their every day lives. Whether someone has a problem with their appearance or a painful issue which can be solved by plastic surgery, it is worth making an appointment to discuss your situation.

Attending an appointment with Mr Khan is a chance to discuss your personal circumstances. You can begin by talking about the procedures you may be considering. Beyond this, you can receive his professional opinion on the best way to go forward. Many patients find there are alternative surgeries and treatments which are a better match for their condition.

Appointments for Plastic Surgery in Liverpool

Mr Irfan Khan is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon with clinics across North West England. He works at Whiston Teaching Hospital and other locations in Liverpool and in the North West. Patients looking for plastic surgery in Liverpool can visit Mr Khan’s clinics at a number of locations. He runs additional clinics at Spire Liverpool Hospital every Friday evening. All of these clinic appointments are open to new patients and appointments can be made with ease by telephoning each of the hospitals directly or contacting them through Mr Khan’s contact form.