Plastic Surgery Sthetix Clinic in Liverpool is often seen as a shallow cosmetic procedure – but this is not the case. Reconstructive surgery can transform the lives of people who are not happy in their own skin. Professional and expert plastic surgeons want to help people be happy but also safe and secure.

For example, Mr Irfan Khan at the Sthetix Clinic in Liverpool is a professional who invests time in consulting his patients what’s best for them. But what reconstructive plastic surgery is out there?

Breast Surgery

Breast reduction surgery reduces the size of the breast as well as helping to improve the shape and position. Some people experience pain and discomfort due to weight or size of their breasts. Therefore, this surgery improves muscles and makes people feel more comfortable.

This also includes male breast reduction. It’s a common surgery. Consultants, such as Mr Khan at Sthetixs Clinic, provide unique and judgment-free care.

Skin Surgery

Moles, cysts and skin tags can be a cause of discomfort. They are normally completely harmless skin growths but can cause skin discolouration and change over time. In extreme circumstances, moles and other skin abnormalities can turn to cancer. It’s nothing to be hugely concerned about but it needs to be addressed. It can be a quick and simple removal.

Body Surgery

Body surgery, such as skin removal or tummy tucks, is carried out on patients with excess skin. Childbirth or a large amount of weight loss can cause excess skin.

In addition to this, liposuction can be used to remove hard to shift fat that cannot be reduced from exercise. Liposuction can also be part of this process.

Prominent ear correction is a process by which the ears are set back so they no longer stick out. Surgery can be carried out for both adults and children. There are a few ways of performing this surgery. The best way of finding out what is best for you is by contacting your chosen consultant.

Plastic Surgery Sthetix Clinic in Liverpool

Based in Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter in Merseyside, Sthetic Clinic Liverpool won the WhatClinic Best Customer Service Award. It specialises in surgery for cosmetic, gynaecological, and skin care functions. It’s just one of the special care locations that plastic surgeon Mr Khan is based.

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