Ear correction surgery

Ear correction surgery

Prominent ear correction is a procedure where ears are set back so they do not stick out. This procedure is very useful both in children and adults. Children can get teased due to their shape of ears and therefore this procedure is commonly done during school going years, around the age of 8 years when most of child’s ear growth is complete.

This procedure involves taking a dump-bell shaped skin away from behind the ear, scoring the cartilage to break it in a way so it bends back wards and then suturing it in place. A head bandage is worn for 5-7 days afterwards.

Mr Irfan Khan carries out this procedure using a closed technique of anterior scoring of cartilage and then suturing it with dissolvable sutures to maintain the shape. Mr Khan can get consistent and predictable results using this technique.

Mr Khan has also got experience and expertise in closure of ear lobe holes which have stretched out due to wearing rings.

Ear lobe reduction is another procedure, which Mr Khan under takes regularly.

Surgery should never be taken lightly as it carries risks and complications and these would be explained at consultation. Before and after photographs will be shown at time of consultation.

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