Mammoplasty (Breast Reduction)

Mammoplasty (Breast Reduction)

Breast reduction is an operation where excess breast tissue is removed. It can result in breast uplift.

This is a very useful operation as ladies with heavy breast suffer a lot in terms of both physical and psychological affects. This operation can be life changing, with many patients wishing that they had undergone the operation years ago.

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Am I suitable to have a breast reduction?

Anyone who has large breasts causing symptoms is suitable for this operation. Patients have usually tried other measures like measured and professionally fitted bras and these have not worked. Ideally patient should have a BMI of 35 or lower and in good health to have two to three hours of general anesthesia. Smoking increases complications therefore has to be stopped at least four weeks before and after the operation.

How is a breast reduction done?

There are many techniques used to do breast reductions and usually plastic surgeons are well trained to do these instead of using a one fit method for everyone. In selected cases breast reduction could be carried out leaving a circum-areolar scar (scar around the areola only), or a single vertical scar, or a standard T-shaped scar or a free nipple graft. The best way to do it will be dependent  on patient’s breast size and shape. Mr Khan carries out his breast reductions using a supero-medial pedicle enabling him to remove large amount of breast tissue and at the same time preserving a nice full shape. This is done by a glanduloplasty maneuver. Mr Khan will discuss this at consultation.

Will I have a scar?

Breast reduction scars settle down nicely but this process can take up to a year.

At consultation, Mr Khan will show you pre and post operative pictures of his past patients so you are fully informed.

Is there lot of pain after the operation?

Breast reduction is surprisingly not a very painful procedure. You will be how ever given painkillers following surgery and to take home.

How long do I need to take time off work?

This varies from patient to patient and is also dependent on the type of job you do. At  least two weeks off is recommended.

Are there any risks and complications after this surgery?

Surgery should never be taken lightly as it carries risks and Mr Khan will discuss these. Risks and complications that can come with any operation are also relevant for a Breast Reduction. These could be both from the operation and from the general anesthetic. Whilst complications can occur, Mr Khan takes a lot of precautions to avoid these. These will be discussed with you when you come to see him.

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