Moles are often entirely harmless skin growths. However, they can cause discomfort, embarrassment and occasionally be a sign of a further health problem. Mr Irfan Khan offers comprehensive skin cancer check in Bolton. He can also provide mole removal services where necessary and help patients feel less concern about any lesions or moles. He works with a skilled and experienced team that will provide exceptional care for you.

A mole can be anything from your natural skin colour to a range of darker and sometimes lighter tones. Mr Khan can provide mole removal and ensure biopsies are taken to provide a full skin cancer check at his clinics in Bolton. It is important to check first whether removal is your best option.

Skin Cancer Check and Mole Removal Appointments

Mr Khan regularly carries out skin cancer checks and mole removal procedures. All skin lesions and moles are different so arranging an appointment to examine them is important if you have concerns. The appointment is an opportunity for a specialist to look more closely at the lesion and decide on the right treatment process.

Mole Removal Surgery

Mole removal surgery is very simple and usually takes place under local anaesthetic. There is some scarring that fades over time. Some suspicious moles require surgery. The surgeon takes biopsies from this moles and sends them to the lab to fully assess the mole for any cancerous tissue or similar.

Moles are usually harmless. However, they can be evidence of a melanoma a type of skin cancer. Signs of melanoma include a mole that has changed colour or has two or more colours, uneven edges or bleeding or itching. If you notice changes, you should speak to your GP at the earliest opportunity.

Patients recover quickly from a standard mole removal. There may be some soreness in the area but this quickly fades. Most patients require no time away from work but the incision site should be kept clean and dry. In the event there is a more serious concern about your moles, the surgeon will make a referral to oncology and any other required specialists.

Mr Irfan Khan for Skin Cancer Check In Bolton

Mr Irfan Khan is a highly experienced plastic surgeon who performs many mole removal surgeries regularly. He has clinics across the North West of England including in Bolton and you can easily make an appointment via the contact page here.