Lesions, lumps and moles can be worrying, especially if they change in shape or size. They can cause discomfort and people can worry about skin cancer. The skin cancer examination Liverpool patients search for may lead them to Mr Khan’s clinic. Mr Irfan Khan is an experienced plastic surgeon who can help patients with skin cancer and mole removal.

Moles are usually entirely harmless skin growths. They can appear in your natural skin colour to darker tones. Minor surgery can remove them, although it is important to check first whether removal is your best option. Moles are usually benign but they can be cancerous so if you are worried about skin cancer, booking an appointment makes sense.

Skin Cancer Examination Consultation

Mr Irfan Khan is a plastic surgeon with a skilled and experienced team. Skin cancer examination is a common procedures carried out regularly. Every skin lesion and mole is different. Therefore, booking a consultation with a specialist is the best way to assess the right treatment for your lesion.

Surgery for mole removal is quick and simple and usually takes place under local anaesthetic. There is usually some scarring which will fade over time. If a mole is found to be suspicious or a concern, the surgeon can remove it via surgery. The biopsy is then sent to a laboratory for analysis and the team can arrange any further treatment if necessary.

Aftercare after Mole or Lesion Removal

Patients usually leave shortly after the procedure and aftercare is quite straightforward. Patients experience some soreness once the anaesthetic wears off, but you will be provided with pain relief medication if needed.

Most patients do not need time off work after the procedure. However, you should keep the incision site dry for the first few days, so avoid getting it wet, submerging it underwater or showering on the area. A scab may develop but this should heal quite quickly.

Appointments for Skin Cancer Examination Liverpool

Mr Irfan Khan is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon based in the North West of England. As well as his private practice he is also an NHS consultant at a Liverpool teaching hospital.

You can book an appointment with Mr Irfan Khan to discuss your concerns about moles or other skin lesions. It is easy to book an appointment quickly and if there are concerns Mr Khan can arrange referrals quickly. You can arrange an appointment with Mr Khan here.

Image source: Unsplash