I had breast reduction last November at Beaumont Hospital. Mr Irfan Khan was myself and my husband's choice to perform the surgery, after seeing two other consultants. Mr Irfan Khan explained the procedure, after examining me and explained if my expected goals were achievable and the outcome to expect. Before surgery Mr. Irfan Khan came to see me and put me at ease. During and after the surgery I was well cared for by Mr. Irfan Khan and his team. This care resulted in a great outcome I achieved from surgery with very limited scars which will fade in time. No soreness. Even my husband commented on how impressed he is with the results . Not to mention my back pain, shoulder and neck pain are gone due to reduced breasts. Mr Irfan Khan was his expertise was definitely right choice for me and I would highly recommend him to others considering breast surgery. Finally Myself and my husband would like to thank Mr. Irfan Khan for giving us a successful outcome resulting in a comfortable life style.