I have wanted a rhinoplasty for 10 years for a droopy, large nose that caused me a significant amount of distress and made me very self conscious. Me Khan was recommended by multiple people so I went for it and right from the initial appointment I was made to feel very comfortable, to the follow up appointment where all my worries were put to rest, to the surgery which went perfectly and the recovery which was speedy and painless (albeit uncomfortable which is inevitable). I’m now on week 2, the cast is finally off and the swelling has started to go down and I am in awe! I cannot believe the difference it has made to my confidence, happiness, self esteem and appearance already, with still a long way to go with the swelling. I’ve started to receive compliments already despite it still being inflamed, and I am absolutely ecstatic and so grateful I went with Mr Khan who made my rhinoplasty experience absolutely incredible. I cannot thank you enough! Truly life changing. I can only hope everyone who wants to undergo a rhinoplasty can have an experience as easy, comfortable and satisfying as mine!