When I first visited Mr Khan I did not know what to expect . He is a gentleman, made me feel very relaxed . Explained the symptom , and the surgery need to remove the cyst in my back . When I arrived at the hospital for the operation he came to see me and explain what he was about to do . This I thought was very professional, and calming for me also . The procedure was carried out to perfection . Leaving a 5cm scar on my back .During the process he also corrected scaring that had occurred from a previous operation . He did a fantastic job . It is healing so well that in a couple of months you will hardly notice it . In fact my wife’s comments were, ‘“ should I ever want a face lift the first person I would go to is Mr. Khan “. I am so great full to him , can’t thank him enough . His team in the theater and hospital ward were also exceptional. I am 100% satisfied with Mr Khan , and the staff at Renacres . Thank you