Ear correction surgery or otoplasty is a quite common plastic surgery procedure and mainly carried out in children. However, many people feel self-conscious about their ears in later life and may consider a surgical solution. The ear correction surgery Liverpool patients may consider might see them visiting Mr Irfan Khan who regularly performs a range of ear procedures at his plastic surgery clinics.

Why do patients seek ear correction surgery?

Ear correction surgery can be a great decision for many reasons. Firstly, you may opt for the surgery due to a birth defect or malformation. Alternatively, it may be a repair procedure after an accident or injury. Otoplasty can correct lop ear or split ears that can occur from rips or tears after piercing too. However, the most common people want ear correction surgery is to change the appearance of their ears. They may feel self-conscious or uncomfortable with their size or shape. Ear correction surgery can help people feel more comfortable with their appearance and build self-esteem.

How does ear correction surgery take place?

The most common form of surgery is prominent ear correction. They involves moving the ears and setting them back, so they do not stick out. It involves removing a piece of skin from behind the ear, scoring the cartilage so it can be manipulated and suturing it back in place, in a less prominent position. Patients need to wear a headband for up to a week after the procedure.

Mr Khan uses a technique involves dissolvable sutures to help maintain the shape of the ear in the least invasive way. His techniques are amongst the most precise and ideal for achieving the desired ear shape.

Lobe Procedures

Mr Khan can also close holes formed by piercings, which can become stretched after wearing heavy rings. Ear lobe reduction is another surgery that some patients consider. Mr Khan can discuss your options with you and ensure you choose a procedure suitable for your circumstances and expected results.

Mr Irfan Khan for Ear Correction Surgery Liverpool

Irfan Khan is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon based in the North West of England. He is an NHS consultant in Hand and Plastic Surgery at Whiston Teaching hospital in Liverpool. . His education includes plastic surgery training in the UK obtaining Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) and is listed on the specialist register of the General Medical Council. He also holds a specialist FRCS (plastic surgery) qualification. Booking an appointment at one of Mr Khan’s clinics is your first step to discuss ear correction surgery. Get in touch today to discuss your expectations and arrange an appointment.

Image source: Unsplash